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Wedding 101 with Kristina McSharry

Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

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Here in Boston, September marks the time of year when students head back to school. We asked wedding specialist Kristina McSharry to “school” us in some wedding planning basics:

When class is in session...
You may remember this rule: No cell phones allowed! I encourage couples to express to their guests that cell phones ought to be off and/or put away, at least during the ceremony itself. I suggest having a decorative sign near the entrance or incorporating this message onto the ceremony program. Save the Instagramming for cocktail hour and beyond.

Don’t forget, you’ve hired a professional photographer (and maybe even a videographer) to capture your big day – let them do what they do best!

Get those planners out!
Stay on top of your to-dos and organize your materials in a single, neat binder. Keep it all in one place; “due dates,” contracts, notes, business cards, samples, etc. The Knot has a lot of ready-made checklists and planning materials for every size, budget, and length of engagement:

Back to school shopping
When it comes to detailing such an important event, it's easy to get carried away buying personalized favors, monogrammed napkins, bridesmaid robes, colored straws... Back away from your Pinterest board and really consider what you NEED versus what you WANT. Make two lists, then set that WANT list aside... In the final month leading up to the wedding, when you have all your RSVPs back, pick up your WANT list (and your budget) and add on those fun, extra details at your discretion. Sometimes less is truly more, but if your budget allows and there’s something you still just have to have, go for it!

Photo via Jenn Ing Photography


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