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Proposing on the ice rink & capturing the moment

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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Last weekend I took my girlfriend for a weekend stay at the Chateau Lake Louise. She wanted where we were staying to be a surprise, so when I drove through town and headed up the hill she immediately couldn't contain her excitement. Then when we arrived and entered our amazing lakeview gold suite room, this time neither of us could contain our excitement.

The next day after breakfast and some hotel window shopping we headed down to the ice rink. Little did she know I had hired a local photographer (Kim Payant) to capture the exact moment of me proposing. After about a dozen or so emails back and forth with Kim, we decided that Kim's cue would be when we stopped skating to take some selfies. Well, that's easier said than done! Originally we had decided on doing it right in front of the ice rink, but after realizing how many people were on the ice, myself and Kim changed plans on the fly via texts to the corner of the ice castle. So between doing that, having a nice lady offer to take our picture for us, and my girlfriend deciding she wanted me to take some pictures of the roses in the castle and of her sitting on the chair on the backside of the castle, PLUS trying to time it so there wasn't a lot of people in between us and Kim, it was a little nerve racking to say that least, but it worked out perfectly!!!

I got down on one knee, she instantly started to cry, Kim took some perfect pictures, and most importantly my now-fiancee said Yes!!! Once we kissed and I put her ring on her finger, Kim approached us and I told my Fiancee that I had hired her and she was capturing everything. This just added to all the excitement. After she regained her composure, we ended up having a lovely engagement picture photoshoot on and around the lake, which also turned out amazing.

The whole weekend (with the help of Kim and the whole amazing staff at Chateau) made the weekend absolutely incredible and we both couldn't be happier. I never thought that the whole ordeal (and still) would be so exciting, but it has been, and makes me love my fiancee even more than I did before.

Thank you Kim and thank you Lake Louise. You will forever be in our hearts!
Chris & Faye


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