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A Dream Come True

My husband and I met by luck and chance, he moved to Tennessee to get away from his past and to start over, I was in college working on my photography degree. I was bored in class one day and decided to surf online and on craigslist for someone or something fun. And I went to the personals. I was looking through a couple of them and then decided this was most likely not going to work, and then I thought to myself, one more. Then I saw him. And I was amazed. His friend set up his personal ad for him so he was surprised when she tried to get him to talk to me. We soon met up and love bloomed. We made it through some really messed up situations, from almost living on the streets to having to live with drug dealers and strippers to finally getting on our feet, but we stuck it out together, we married this past March for we knew we didn't want to live apart from each other, that even though our life together might be crazy its worth it. So this picture to me shows just how much love we have for each other. It was our wedding day, the day all my dreams come true, I married the person I was going to start a family with, the man I'm so in love with.




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