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Wonderful Memories

Fairmont Royal York

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I am currently a Premier member of the Fairmont and specificly the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. What. Privalige for me!
I re bet my grandmother telling me the story about the Roal York hotel's contruction. She was born in 1910 in Bancroft Ontario. She passed 5 years ago at the age of 100. She told me it was the tallest building in Toronto at the time. So hard to believe today. Her parents took her and her brother to the hotel on various outings to Toronto. ... All the way from Bancroft..... No super highways then
As a young child m grandmother and grandfather took me, and then my brother ( when he was a lite older) to the Royal York. We would go to Toronto to the ballet, figure skating, the CNE and many other wonderful things . We always stayed at the Royal York and enjoyed every moment there. One memory, to this day stood out for me. I was very young... Maybe 5 or 6.
We had returned to the hotel from the CNE. My grandmother thought we may enjoy a small snack before bed. The resturant was closed, however a waitress saw us, and took us back to the kitchen, where they prepared us some toast and hot chocolet. So knd !!! The resturant staff at the hotel are extemy kind and generous to this day.
I am 53 years old now , and returning home to Belleville after another fabulous stay at the Royal York. To me staying there fills me with all the warm memories I experienced as a child with my beloved grandparents. The hotel staff are superb! Friendly, helpful, gracious.
I always stay will stay at the Royal York while I avisiting Toronto. I have also stayed at Tbe Cairmount Emperess in Victoria, Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.. All wonderful.

I hope to stay at the fairmont in New York City during March Break with my son ( who is turning 17 and has signed a Modell go contract with Wilhemenia Model Agency in New York City). More. Embodies to make. Thank you so much for al the years of impeccable service Royal York and Fairmont!

Heather McColl


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