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Weekend get away Feb 21

Fairmont Le Château Montebello

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I remember going to Montebello many years ago when I attended a "police day" function. On that trip I drove a military tank, I was attending as part of a military display team, and always promised myself a return trip. It took me nearly twenty years but I was very happy to finally have the chance to return to Montebello with my fiancé and get the chance to share with her the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the main lobby. It also gave me a chance to take a few photos and share with other people the time that I had there. On this weekend I was making it a point to pamper my sweetie with a stay at Montebello and a stay at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. And we both agreed that our stay at Montebello was the best part of the weekend and we are already hoping to return this summer and make a full weekend of it and enjoy it even more.


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