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Should my Miracle Baby have Dual Citizenship?

Fairmont Banff Springs

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In April 1998, my husband and I were at this Marvelous Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel on a Company Award Trip. While waiting in line for the registration, I was trying to refresh my French language with the staff members. They were all so nice and courteous. Getting to my room, I found 2 single beds ???...Back at the counter in a flash, I 'cried' to them: " It's our FIRST TRIP WITHOUT OUR 2 KIDS. Please help....!" They laughed then slipped me the key to A Beautiful Suite at the far side corner, away from my group. With breathtaking views of both the mountain and the valley, it has a bar, fireplace, its own spiral staircase to the hot jacuzzi down below...At night, there was turn-down services with fireplace lit, music, Champagne, Godiva chocolate and fresh tulips...
A group of us decided to renew our wedding vows at the local Catholic church, a surprise to my husband who also turned 40 there...
In 1994, I was diagnosed with a Tumor in my brain , on the pituitary gland. I was not well at all...Five doctors/specialists declared that I would not be able to have another baby. Yet, I came back pregnant with my third daughter. She is now 15, a freshman in High School . She excels in everything she does: Honor roll student, AP achiever, Piano, Violin, Dance, Cheerleading...She could remember the row of 25+ numbers of the library card instantly, within 5 seconds. My friends told me that she should have Canadian citizenship too? What do you think? Please help !!!


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