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Christmas at the San Francisco Fairmont

Fairmont San Francisco

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Recently our family took a trip to the San Francisco Fairmont the weekend before Christmas.  We were excited to experience all the festivities the SF Fairmont offers during the holiday season.  We loved every part of our stay!  The enormous decorated Christmas tree in the foyer, the 2 story Gingerbread House in front of the restaurant, and the people at the Fairmont made this truly one of our most memorable holiday experiences ever!  

In this photo, my son Michael is gleaming from ear to ear because he fell in love with the automated train that was part of the spectacular Gingerbread house in the beautifully decorated lobby of the hotel.  We spent quite a bit of time in that lobby while our son watched the train, all the while stealing glances at the enchanting Gingerbread House in front of him.  On the last night of our stay, Michael wanted to see the train one last time so we took him downstairs in his pajamas where he was able to write a letter to Santa and be part of the Christmas magic at the hotel for just a little while longer.

We had an amazing trip and it was due to the abundance of holiday spirit at the SF Fairmont.  We hope to make this trip again, but until then the memories will be imprinted in our minds forever.


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