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A 5 Year Old Boy's Wish

Fairmont Royal York

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My son just turned 5 and he is special needs. He is non-verbal and only says a few words. One day while we were visiting a park, he threw a penny in a fountain and he made a wish. Later I asked him what his wish was and he said "SHIP". He said the word clear as day and so I decided to take my son to Toronto to see the Tall Ships and go for a ride on one. I wanted to make his wish come true. I thought I better book a hotel and spend the night in Toronto. I found a standard basic room at the Royal York for a good deal and thought it looked very nice from the photos. I worried a little too nice for some country hicks like us. lol. I emailed the reservations and just wanted to see if we could get a room with a bit of a nice view and maybe a higher floor because of this being a special trip for my son. I explained the story. I didn't think they'd do much but had some hopes. I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by what they did.... When we arrived, we were told we were given a complimentary upgrade to the TOP floor and a signature suite. A view of the CN Tower that blew me away. Room 150. It was incredible and I felt like we were so special. My son was grinning from ear to ear. We didn't want to leave the room. My son than received a special delivery of a happy birthday cheesecake, a plate full of chocolate chip home baked cookies and water bottles. I felt like crying. It was amazing. I will go on about this story forever and I know it created amazing memories for my son. The hotel is beautiful, clean, close to everything and amazing staff.


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