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Plane Spotting Guides

Fairmont Vancouver Airport

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Located directly inside the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), with airside operations and runway views surrounding the hotel, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport is a natural haven for aviation enthusiasts. In order to give these enthusiasts more of what they want, a plane spotting guide has recently been released and can be found in all 392 guestrooms in the hotel. This guide lists with detail every type of plane one would expect to find roaming the runways of YVR. With details such as length, wingspan, passenger capacity and cruising speed, one can compare the various aircrafts and choose their favourites. The guide also provides tips on what to look for to help identify the plane, in addition to some fun facts.


*Tip: in order to further enhance your plane spotting experience, ask one of our front desk agents for a set of binoculars to use. This will have you spotting those aircrafts while they're still deep in the distance!


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